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How To Deal With Unwarranted Anxiety

It's draft day in the National Lacrosse League (NLL) & that has me thinking back to my very own draft day.


In this photo: Kyle Jackson & Josh Currier

This particular time in your life only comes around once; so embrace it. Take a deep breathe, maybe even 3 to calm those nerves that are coursing through your veins.

Unless you are drafted #1, or #7 (as I was...even though I was projected 38th) then it absolutely does not matter where the heck in the draft you get picked. Too many people will focus on the 'mock draft' & the insider point of view on why a team should take 'this-guy-or-that-guy' & it truly doesn't matter one bit.

Let's use a hero of mine; Tom Brady as an example:

Although in a very different sport, football, Brady was selected 199....

One Hundred & Ninety-Ninth.

His message to people:

"When you get your chance, strike on it. Don't let it pass you by".

For all of you tonight, looking to get picked either 1st or 89th in the draft, just remember one thing...

None of the numbers matter. Once you get into training camp and you're placed into the gauntlet with every other athlete trying to crack a roster, you just have to ensure that all the training leading up to that very moment has backed your skillset.

Don't for a second let one day go by where you're not in the gym, or at home, training your butt off. I can guarantee you that the day you take off, there are 100 other players working behind the scenes to take your spot.

Now, when you do finally get your chance; whether it is in year 1 or year 5, STRIKE!

Give your staff absolutely no reason to cut you or park your butt on the bench. It sucks, but maybe that's also the motivation you'll need in order to regain that confidence in yourself to be an absolute menace on the floor.

All in all, breathe.

Strike when you get your opportunity and if things go a little off course, reset, find the desire deep down in yourself that made you a draft pick in the first place and...




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