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5 Pregnancy Must-Have's

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Having gone through almost the entire pregnancy process; 1st, 2nd & 3rd trimester excitement, while virtually unaware without any guidance, here are the 5 items you absolutely cannot live without.

Lulu Lemon Leggings

  • Gone are the times for tight fitting skimpy outfits. These lightweight & durable pants are going to stretch with your belly growth. Plus, there isn't much time that is spent anywhere but the couch craving foods; let the pants grow with both your baby belly & your food belly.

Ritz Crackers/Saltines

  • You may not want these in the later stages of pregnancy, but when you are constantly throwing up with morning sickness, you will want to settle that stomach with some substance. This light, salty snack will be a life savor (it's what got me through trimester's 1&2.)

Buy here:

Body Pillow

  • OMG! I cannot stress this item enough! As soon as you're pregnant, order this pillow. They come in various forms; I have the full body 'U' shaped pillow and it has been my companion ever since. Whether it is falling asleep, supporting your back or just lying on the couch, this body pillow is incredible. Just ask my husband; he wants to order another one just for himself. He may even use it more than I do.

Buy here:

A Support System

  • Whether this is your husband, friend, parents, grandparents; whoever it is, find your support person/group. They are going to be the ones driving to grab you a late-night craving, your vitamins, & most importantly they are going to be dealing with all of your stress and moodiness during the transformations. Understand that you are the one growing a human life inside of you so if you freak out, snap 24/7, are outraged or complaining about every little thing just know that it is all warranted. You express yourself however you feel necessary. Until your man or companion goes through this process, they can't complain about your moody unexplained outbursts.

Granny Panties/Pro Bump Support Band/Stretchy Dresses/Bigger Bras

  • I know that I said 5 Must-Have's but these all sort of fall into the same category. You will want the granny panties for the comfort & leakage, the support band because it will keep your belly tight, stretchy dresses instead of maternity dresses because they can double as a dress pre & post pregnancy and lastly bigger bras in all shapes and forms because your boobs will grow and you need your bras to grow with you; nobody needs their nipple falling out of their bra every second of the day.

Buy here:

Buy here:

These are my 5 Must-Have items that absolutely saved my marriage, my sanity & my well being during pregnancy. Enjoy & never be afraid to reach out with questions. I went into this experience having been one of the first people in my friend group to get pregnant. This left us sort of in the dark on a lot of matters and if I can in any way help the next pregnant lady then I am ready for whatever questions they ask!


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