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Top 10 Outfits of the Week

Inspired by the changing of seasons, with or without masks, here are a few outfits worn by athlete's & celebrities that just hit different than us common folk.

  • Toque with Peacoat, Denim & Jordan's

To say the least, Timberlake single handedly rocks the Jordan look better than anyone. The classic white & cement has never looked better. Paired with light denim jeans, the fall months have us calling for some heavier clothing.

  • Vintage T, Athletic Shorts & Converse

This vintage tee look will never fade. Suited with a pair of athletic shorts and converse, there may not be a better 'gym' fit out there. Not to forget, the fanny pack has demolished the scene in 2020. It's a perfect spot for your extra mask, hand sanitizer and wipes.

  • Cutoff T, Dark Jeans, a Hat & Shades...NBA 20

The suit's have been a thing of the past in the NBA for a while now. It's an era for loungewear, denim, comfort & the occasional mishap. But for Russ, the style is always something to marvel at. Simplicity done right is sometimes the right choice.

  • Leather Jacket, Chino's & Glasses

David Beckham may be the dad we all want to be, but his outfit paired with the solid framed glasses gives him a more sophisticated approach than the rest of us. Proof that one simple addition can change a perception.

For all of you athlete's and future dad's, above are some easy style choices to gain an edge on the competition.

Now time for the Pregnancy Fits

  • Denim Overalls & White Shirt

Being pregnant has its uncomfortable flaws. So why not grab some overalls to stretch with that belly.

  • Leather Jacket, a Dress & Stylish Hat

There won't be much dressing up during pregnancy, but a great way to add some flare is with a leather jacket, fancy dress & an Australian safari hat.

  • Lulu's are Queen

No matter the occasion, Lulu leggings are a savior.

  • Jean Jacket & a Dress

Whether it's going to Marshall's or a grocery run, this look will have you covered. Literally.

  • Oversized T or Dress

Sometimes an oversized T or a baggy dress is all you will want/need.

Here are this week's top outfits. Whether you're a dad on the way or pregnant as you've ever been, take these style tips & crush the next month.

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